Kim Moy
UX Strategy and Design


I am a content-driven UX designer and strategist. I enjoy asking questions and uncovering the connections that lead to compelling stories.

I love to discover the world and take in new experiences. Waiotapu, New Zealand, March 2017.

I love to discover the world and take in new experiences. Waiotapu, New Zealand, March 2017.


My Story

Over the past 15 years I have journeyed from journalism to user experience.

  • My journalism background gave me the foundation for user research – knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them – and the ability to write and communicate clearly.

  • Print news design fine-tuned my content strategy and visual presentation skills. The daily routine of putting out newspaper pages is not unlike the user experience process, with the added pressure of daily deadlines.

  • Video design expanded my storytelling capabilities, adding the elements of motion, sound, and timing. And it’s come in handy for prototyping.

  • User experience is the culmination of my multidisciplinary career. Though the projects that I work on now may be different, I draw on all of the skills I've built up over the years. The common thread lies in communication with people, whether they be stakeholders, team members, or users.

I am fascinated by the diverse ways that people think and the many different approaches to a single task or problem. I’m passionate about how user experience can make our lives easier and more enjoyable. My work inspires me to live my life more fully by constantly seeking out new experiences, which I believe helps me to better at that work. I aim to always be learning, and to share the knowledge that I gain. So, outside of work, you'll find me organizing the UX + Data meetup, teaching at Columbia, or mentoring with UXPA NYC.

Reach out and let me know what interesting things you’re working on, or how we might be able to make something great together.

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